Hello from The Garret.

Wowsers.. can it really be four months since I wrote a blog post? Crazy. I must admit, I hadn’t worried about it too much, as I thought hardly anyone read my blog…but I’ve finally worked out how to use website analytics and That’s Not True, Is It? Quite a few people read it, don’t you? *blushes uncontrollably*

So here we go again…some more musings from my artist’s Garret…Let’s see, what’s happened..um.. well I QUIETLY release Fables on Bandcamp, with the full intention that I will release it with MUCH NOISE, FANFARE & THE GENERAL UNFURLING OF BANNERS when I have finally finished the promo video and all the general social-media hoo-hah…So… this leads me to my next point - I have very, nearly, almost finished the video. I am sorry it has taken so long, but I want you all to realise that I simply do not have the budget to spend huge amounts of money on a huge promo video production…so I have to make all my videos myself, armed only with a decrepit second hand 2009 model Canon EOS 500d …I won’t complain about it (the camera is fine), it has been an incredibly loyal and resilient camera but nevertheless, the Director of these videos (that’s Me) and the main Protagonist of the these videos (that’s also Me), well, they are a real bunch of Divas and they take ages to get everything Just Right. So when I eventually haul myself out of the FCPX Rabbit Hole there will hopefully be a half beautiful video (no doubt with many, many glaring flaws that will torture me in to old age, because the internet is Forever)…but at least you know it’s all Me: the music, the associated cinematic weirdness and every (rare) brilliant moment and (frequent) disaster in-between.

So that’s that. And I’ve decided that I need to make another full-length album (I haven’t released one since 2013 and it would be 2017 at the earliest before I could get another out)…the working title is imaginatively Solo Piano II.


A xx