Seeking warmth.

Dear Friends,

I am sorry I have been a little quiet of late…please allow me to explain why! As many of you will know, I have this year embarked upon writing Solo Piano 2. One of my goals for the project is to create a piano album that has a real sense of enveloping ‘warmth’. Something that feels comforting, if you will. And something timeless. My personal impression of my first album Solo Piano is that it has a simplicity that is also it’s strength. I see the Butterflies EP that followed as ethereal, wistful and sentimental, while the subsequent EP Fables most definitely has a darker edge and a crystalline sound that reminds me of Winter. For Solo Piano 2 I am seeking a different feeling, as those who have watched my first two ‘Making Of’ videos (in which I talk endlessly about ‘warm’ chords) will be aware!

Consequently, a good deal of what will be Solo Piano 2 has been written in the past weeks in a fairly remote location in sunny South West France, a short distance from the coast and adjacent pine forests. The environment in which I find myself undoubtably influences the sonic outcome of music I write and record - somehow hot weather, the sound of cicadas and incredible sunsets to name just a few of the things I don’t experience often in London have had the effect I had hoped for. I am feeling encouraged that the result will be a really beautiful album to enjoy when I have finished. Sending love + good vibes to you, as always…


Alice xx