When Is Art 'Done'?

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After a busy few months finishing the album, I am getting back to old routines and really starting to think objectively about the journey I have been on with art and music since I began in earnest to make Solo Piano 2. 

Some observations: I stopped doing a lot of outdoorsy stuff last year for several reasons....firstly to make the best album I could, because I will probably only make a full-length album every 4-5 years, so I wanted to ‘get it right’ and this takes time. Secondly, I think at the end of 2017 I developed a sort of obsessive, artistic ‘tunnel vision’ whereby I could think of only pushing myself musically and I wanted to make sure I gave Everything of my physical and emotional being to the album. I have absolutely no regrets about this, because however much listeners do or do not enjoy Solo Piano 2, I can honestly say that at this moment in my lifetime, I could not have produced anything better. 

Although what ‘better’ would be is hard to define. Here is the question....When is art ‘done’? When it is so polished and shiny and uniform that a machine could have made it? Or when it is raw and full of raging, quaking, terrifying and blisteringly beautiful emotion, the kind of music that is so close to the artist’s tears or euphoria (or whatever situation inspired it in the first place), the listener and the artist are metaphorically holding hands? I don’t have an exact answer to this question, though I think I likely lean slightly toward the latter. So I think that is kinda what you will be getting. And I thank Everyone who has metaphorically held my hand through this whole process.

In any case, it’s nice to restore balance. So today I did yoga followed by a bike ride through a forest. Likely, this was not the ‘optimal order of events’, but it still felt good. I have only been in my bike (bought for me by my family) just once since I did Ride London last August, which I have done for five years now, mainly because my Father continues to sign me up for it and cycling is something my Father and I enjoy together (he is obsessed with bicycles and he is better than me at the whole thing and knows everything about cycling and mechanics....which is more than helpful). Now to rediscover what for me is 'the lost art of cooking'...!

Anyway, thank you to Everyone who has responded regarding a vinyl release of Solo Piano 2....I *think and hope* it will be do-able, which is exciting...I just need to check a couple of things next week....a vinyl release was not ‘part of the plan’ but nevertheless I think it is a wildcard that I am keen to run with if I can.

So it just remains for me to say, thank you, thank you, thank you to Everyone who has been on the journey of Solo Piano 2 with me. Unlike five years ago, when I made the first Solo Piano album virtually in secret, I have never felt alone this time around....and I am so very, very appreciative of all the comments and feedback…I hope you know that.

Big love, and always ‘Piano Forever’,

A xx