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My Dear Friends…it’s been ages since I’ve written. What to say. Firstly, thank you to Everyone who has bought Fables, Butterflies, Solo Piano and December these past few weeks…I am truly grateful to you for supporting my music…it means everything to me to know that it is appreciated and brings pleasure to people (hopefully)…

Now, on to plans. It has not escaped my attention that it is over three years since the release of my album Solo Piano. I think it is time for me to make another full-length album. Solo Piano was written on an extremely part-time basis. It wasn’t a pre-meditated thing. Back in 2011, at the inception of Solo Piano, I was focused on making electronica with synthesisers. It did not occur to me at that time that my future would be in making one of the most organic types of music there is…a type of music that came from an entirely mechanical instrument in my little studio at home, which also happened to be one hundred and three years old…my old piano. I was very surprised that my daily musings on the piano that frequently resulted in simple little solo piano melodies seemed to connect more with people that any of my odysseys of electronica. But it was to be so - and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Five years on, doubtless my writing process will be different. But what I will be glad to do is share with you my process and the evolution of my next album. It is my plan to write everything at home but go to an external studio to record. Whilst I can and do record frequently at home, I really enjoyed the studio experience of making Butterflies, which was made in a studio in Copenhagen. Having a studio engineer to take away some of the stress of creating a beautiful recording was a wonderful luxury, one that ultimately allowed me to get to a place in my mind where I could deliver the most beautiful performances I was capable of. I don’t know how long it will take me to write another album…but I do want it to be beautiful and brilliant…during the first few days of 2017, I plan to begin.

Love and hugs, as always…

A xx

Stuff etc.

Hello Everyone! I promised I would blog more regularly and as I am currently unable to leave the kitchen (I am making risotto & I have to keep stirring it), it is a perfect opportunity to write…

So, things I have done this week…

1) Sorted out the re-release of Solo Piano on iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music etc. (does anyone use Apple Music or Tidal…?)

2) Tutorial video making…as you know, I have never made a tutorial video until now, but I have been asked quite a few questions about how to play the tracks from Solo Piano now that the sheet music has been published…I started with ‘Oak’, as it appears to be the most popular piece of music I have written….I am just finishing editing the video in FCPX and will hopefully upload on Monday…I showed it to my family last night and whilst there was some gentle humour regarding my general delivery of the video, they have conceded that ‘it’s generally ok’…. So you will be the next people to decide. I am hoping to make a tutorial video for all the tracks on Solo Piano, to accompany the sheet music. Please don’t hold back with your thoughts + feedback once you have watched it though - it’s really helpful to know what people really think…

3) Fables - I am completely, totally, utterly, inexorably ready to make the final recording of this now. Invented a few new parts. Aiming to get the EP out at the end of January and video out early February….


Wishing Everyone a lovely weekend!


A xx


Scores etc. .

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I have been a little quiet (I have missed chatting to people on social media)…but I have been working hard to finish some things…here they are:

…at last the scores for my album Solo Piano have now been published and are available for download in various online stores...they are also available for download on the iPad app at Sheet Music Direct for those who prefer not to print everything out!

Scores here:


Ipad App here:


Also, my Fall mixtape is available for free here…this mixtape contains re-workings of tracks for Solo Piano and a little hint of what is to come on my Fables EP…


Love & virtual hugs to Everyone,

A xx


n o t e s from the sea . . .

Recorded 18th August 2015 at Châteaux de Sarceaux - with thanks to the Marquis et Marquise Gicquel des Touches

Hello Everyone! I realise it’s been ages since I wrote any kind of blog, but I am keen to get back to it, both to keep everyone informed and also because it helps me to create better art, as the connection with the people who listen to my music and watch my videos generally fuels my creativity…and it stops me from slacking when things get tough!


So, to summarise the past month or so…I’ve spent quite a bit of time in France, supposedly on holiday, but then I was asked to do a little performance in ‘the great outdoors’…which turned into five…Anyway, as you know, I love performing music, so this was really enjoyable! As I played my piano for about 90 minutes each evening, there was also the chance to try out in front of a live audience new music I have written that is yet to be recorded (from Fables) and push some of this music further in it’s development than I have done so far. One of the other great joys of this experience was playing for a really diverse audience (most of my gigs so far have been in a nightclub environment, so people who are under the legal drinking age are not allowed in). One evening during my ‘unofficial French tour’ a parent of a small child who had been sitting on the ground in front of my piano for almost the whole performance, said to me after ‘You know…my little girl thinks you are a real live fairy princess…’ (I LOVE this. I will be a fairy princess any day of the week…)


Plans…my dear friends, there are many. Recording Fables is my next priority. Also finishing shooting the video for Fables…I began filming something earlier this Summer, but I need to finish shooting the footage and editing it. This will take some time, as all my videos are directed by little ol' me and then I have to spend ages editing them myself in FCPX - there is no ‘secret editor’ working for me behind the scenes…I would rather do it this way, though, as then I can put more money in to bringing you the most (lovingly) well-crafted sonic experience and as for the videos…well, um, at least you know they are of my own artistic vision…


Finally, I have also had another idea…which I think will really please people who have already bought Solo Piano and Butterflies…more on this (& two other ideas I am still figuring out the detail on) next week…!


Love to Everyone (and please keep emailing / messaging me on social media etc. I really love to hear from people…as much as I need solitude to make my art, I hate feeling ‘alone’ with it…)


A xx


ps the scores for Solo Piano are coming!!!!