And here we have…my first blog post of 2019…a lot has happened since  I last wrote anything for these pages. According to the internet, humans speak approximately 50,000 words a day - so here is my most recent attempt at finding 500 that fit together reasonably well…

As many of you know, Solo Piano Two was released on 12.12.18 (or a little bit earlier if you are a Bandcamp Subscriber) and I have been really busy overseeing the release of the album - since I am a ‘do everything myself’ kind of person, this has proved to be quite a task.

Solo Piano Two is the first album release I have ever put out on vinyl and that was a whole new learning curve. I wanted the vinyl to sound great and also to be a really beautiful piece of art as a physical product: one that would have ‘longevity’ in the sense that I hoped people would want to keep it for a long time, but also could be ‘disposable’ in the sense that when the time came, a substantial proportion of it could be recycled. I think the product turned out pretty well and I would definitely plan to release my next album on vinyl as well as CD. I am also pondering the idea of a cassette tape release (it appears that cassette tapes are making a come-back) - if anyone reading has any thoughts on this concept, please let me know!

Every vinyl record and CD sold and dispatched is packed by me personally (so right there is the explanation for the pink tissue paper that appears to have made many recipients smile - I could not bring myself to just ‘throw the record in the box’). I still do pack all vinyl and CDs and take them to the post office myself, for now at least…it may not always be this way forever, but for the moment it is something I really enjoy doing.

So what next? A few people I consider to be ‘very wise’ have suggested that it would be a mistake to stop writing new music…and I would love to write and record a new album (and release it) this year, so this is very much my plan. I have already started to create some new music which is currently residing inside my iPhone in a series of videos and voice notes - I will be sharing these early ‘sonic ideas’ with my Bandcamp Subscribers beginning next week, in much the same way I did for Solo Piano Two. 

Also, I am expecting to perform at the Shoreditch Treehouse in London during Piano Day on 29th March (I do not yet have confirmation on what time my set will be, but I will let everyone know as soon as I do!) and on 10th May at the Gosforth Civic Theatre in Newcastle (more detail to follow on that soon, also).

So finally, it remains for me to say ‘thank you’ to Everyone who has supported my music through buying CDs, vinyl and digital downloads, subscribing on Bandcamp, or listening on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play…and also ‘thank you’ for all the lovely chats and conversations with Everyone on social media. The discussions I have about music and art with all of you are so interesting and enlightening to me…more than anything, there is one thing that I am so very grateful for and that is your endless encouragement of me to break boundaries within music and to be unafraid to be different. This reassurance is very much needed and appreciated and I hope the result can be seen and heard in the evolution of my albums. 

Love, as always, 

Alice. x