Things about things.

Soulac Amour v3.png

Just a note to say a few things about things - and as many of my notes unfortunately do - it begins with an apology…for being a little insular of late and less active on social media. To explain, I have gone into intense finishing-my-album-mode and I want to allow myself to give myself wholly to the album making experience and avoid too many distractions away from it, except for the essentials of planning the album release.

I know that my Solo Piano and Solo Piano Two albums are meaningful to quite a few people and some of those people are really excited for the next album I am making right now (Solo Piano Three) and will maybe (hopefully) even buy it. Therefore, I feel a real weight of responsibility to deliver an album that will not disappoint…

To this end, I have just returned from a few weeks in France where I have made a lot of progress with the writing of music and also creating supporting artwork for the album. The absence of wifi, the lack of television, the poor mobile phone signal that are all features of where I stayed, coupled with the beach, the sea and the forest…all of these things were very conducive to creativity and made it perfect place to conclude the bones of my album before I complete it in a studio. So far (unless anything unexpected happens), I am still on track for a release date for Solo Piano Three for 12.12.19…more news and thoughts from me soon…

with much love,

A xx